Tom Kates

Photographer Tom Kates Brings a Natural Look to Every Setting

About Tom Kates

A 1991 graduate of Brandeis University, Tom Kates was awarded highest honors for his senior thesis “Shooting the Truth: An Exploration of Still Photographs in 20th-Century American Cinema.” He went on to perfect his craft by assisting a number of skilled photographers throughout the greater Boston area for two years after graduation before opening his own studio. In order to produce an image that is warm, friendly, and inviting, Tom Kates pays close attention to lighting, striving for a completely natural look even when the shoot uses an intricate array of specialized lighting apparatuses.

Tom Kates’ commercial, government, and industrial work has required him to overcome special challenges. For example, he has shot on location several miles off Cape Cod as well as in a highly secure underground storage facility encompassing more than 200 acres. Even in these highly technical situations, Tom Kates remains composed and conducts himself in an affable manner that is both easygoing and professional. Outside of the workplace, he is a dedicated husband and the loving father of a six-year-old girl.

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