Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
all month long with
MOVABLE's May MOVchallenge!

Guacamole or queso? However you like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you can feel better about indulging a little bit when you commit to our May MOVchallenge! All month long, we're challenging you to move 5 miles/day with us!

  • Timeframe: All month (Weds, May 1 - Fri, May 31)
  • Goal:  5 miles every day (155 miles total)
  • Reward: Everyone who meets the goal will be entered to win one of six $25 Chipotle gift cards!

Join the movement!

Signing up for the May MOVchallenge is easy, and anyone with a MOVband that connects online can participate. All you need to do is join MOVABLE's National MOVchallenge group from your online account by using the invite code NEWYOU. Don't worry, you can join anytime until the end of the MOVchallenge. If you're already in the group, you don't need to do anything...just get moving with us starting May 1!

Need help? Drop us a line!