The Mead's Xmas 2012

Furniture has been re-arranged, the tree's bought and trimmed. Presents have been mailed to the UK, and lights have been strung. So know we can sit back and let Christmas roll on through.

3rd Grade Concert

Josh did great at his 3rd Grade concert. Two performances in one day, and all new songs to learn. One of the best was where the lights went out and the blacklights went on. All the kids waved their handmade snowflakes in the air.

'Glow' & 'Bazaar Bizarre'

Two events that might become Mead traditions are a visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden's 'Glow' event to see the Gingerbread houses, and dropping in to 'Bazaar Bizarre' at W 78th St. Studios. Lot's of great local, handmade, items.


More than any other part of the year I view this as a time of excess. As my waistline & "fatty liver" can attest. But only one thing can beat the traditional chocolate assortment from back home, and that's Julie's homemade Pine Bark! Even our friends fight over it ;-)

When the aftermath of opening presents has been cleared away, and I'm revived from a food coma, I'll pop-back and update this tackk with the festivities.

Happy holidays!

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