Metalica is a Heavy Metal Band 1981-present

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Metalicas second top selling album is Master of Puppets. To learn the lyrics click the button below.

Metallicas first top selling album is the Black album. To learn more click the button below.

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Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich was born December 26, 1963 in Copenhagen, Denmark, until his parents decided to move to Newport Beach, Los Angeles. At the age of 9 in 1973 Lars Ulrich went to see Deep Purple playing in Copenhagen. After that concert he liked heavy metal so much he started collecting albums by Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. After a little while obsessing over them, he discovered NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). He started listening to Iron Maiden, Saxon, Sweet Savage, and Diamond head. The NWOBHM influenced his musical passion.

In 1976 Lars Ulrich received his first drum kit from his grandparents. When he was seventeen he flew to Britain to watch one of his favorite bands, Diamond Head. After the concert he met the lead singer Sean Harris and was invited to live with the band. Being he favorite band he accepted and went on the road around Britain. He lived with them for a month before returning to Las Angeles with the ideal of starting his own NWOBHM band in America.

James Hetfeild

James Hetfeild was born on December 26, 1963. At the age of fifteen he joined his first band, Obsession, with Jim Arnold, Rich and Ron Veloz. In 1979 a tragedy occurred when James Mother past away. He was heart broken by the news. He was forced to leave the band and relocate to L.A. California. Moving there was difficult for him but he quickly made new friends.

James Hetfeild formed a new band in L.A. called Phantom Lord in 1980 with Jim Mulligan and Hugh Tanner. The band didn’t last long only until 1981 when James Hetfeild replied to an advert in the local paper, Recycler. The advertisement was for like minded musicians for a band.

Lars persuaded friend Brian Slagel to help form a band to have a slot on a heavy metal compilation LP. Then he approached James with the ideal of forming a band but this time getting a song into record which would become “Metal Massacre L.P”.  After that on October 15, 1981 METALLICA was formed.


Lars Ulrich, the drummer and James Hetfeild, the lead vocals and rhythm guitar started the band. Original Members included Rod McGovney, the bassist, and a lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine that as well did some vocal. In 1983, they saw Cliff Burton in a bar jamming out on his bass and he joined the band eager to play. Later that year Metallica’s manager advised them to fire Dave Mustaine because of drug and alcohol problems. After firing him they found a replacement named Kirk Hammett who new all the songs already. That same year they recorded their first album, Kill ‘Em All.  In 1986, while on a tour in Sweden, their tour bus crashed killing Cliff Burton, their best bassist. The driver said they slipped on black ice, and James Hetfeild was so mad he walked down the road looking for the black ice.

They moved on with the tour with the tragedy that just occurred. They picked up a new bassist, Jason Newsted a few weeks later. For a while in the 90’s Metallica took a break then resurfaced with new hair cut and a new album, Load, in 1996. After four more years Metallica stayed strong. Then in 2002 Jason Hetfeild left the band. He said the band was mad because he was working on a side project. Since than, the band collaborated with rapper Ja Rule on a song and record a album with Bob Rock playing the bass. Then in 2003 Rob Trujillo joined the band as the new bassist. Metallica is a great heavy metal band that everyone rocks out to.

Albums by Metallica

  • S&M
  • LULU
  • Garge inc.
  • Reload
  • Kill 'Em All
  • Load
  • Death Magnetic
  • Black Album
  • St. Anger
  • Ride the Lighting
  • Master of Puppets
  • And Justice For All

Enter Sandman

The Day That Never Comes

Master of Puppets

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