Michael Yedor

An Experienced Venture Capitalist

About Michael Yedor

For over two decades, Michael Yedor has led Los Angeles-based Mercury Holdings Group Inc. as chairman and CEO. In addition to sitting on the boards of company-owned charities, he holds responsibilities for managing assets, facilitating financing with the goal of taking businesses public, and helping start-ups navigate their early stages to ensure stable and sustainable growth. Michael Yedor’s company maintains top-secret clearance with the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense and technology agreements and patent rights with several government agencies.

Early in his career, Michael Yedor cofounded Century Financial Capital Management, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions in the dual role of chairman and CEO. Subsequently, he established Telesis Communication Groups Inc, which, upon its sale years later, was valued at approximately $18 billion. Prior to his current position, Mr. Yedor served as president of Westinghouse Holdings Company. At the firm, he managed all day-to-day business and oversaw major acquisitions and sales, including the selling of company asset CBS Television to Viacom.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael Yedor is an avid collector of vintage Ferraris. His impressive collection has won him numerous awards internationally.

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