Hi, I'm Mike Belsito.

I'm a startup business and product developer that loves bringing new ideas to life.

A bit more about me:

I've spent the past 10 years creating new businesses and products for various groups -- ranging from a 100+ year old athletics department to an Inc. 500 company and even startups of my very own:

What I'm good at + what I enjoy:

Customer Development: Sitting down with early adopters, getting a sense of their pain points, and articulating potential solutions that warrant development. It's not easy, but it's an integral part of the product development process.

Product Ideation and Development: Taking an idea and turning it into real, tangible problem-solving products by navigating a winding road that includes sales, marketing, technical development, and operations.

Evangelizing: From sharing the vision to individual potential customers/partners to speaking in front of hundreds at industry conferences...and even pitching investors and the media.

I've spoken and written about a few things:

From industry panels and keynote presentations to educating students in the classroom -- and sharing my own personal thoughts on startups:

The highlight reel:

Check out these videos to get a glimpse of my past experiences:

Let's talk!

Do you want to grab a cup of coffee sometime to catch up? Send me a note below, and I'll get back to you so we can connect.