Coffee Session: Digital Marketing - How You Can Capitalize on Social Media & Mobile Innovation

A Creative Brainstorming Session for Business Owners and Marketing Directors to Learn, Collaborate, and Share Ideas.

7AM - Friday, February 1st, 2013

@ Arabica Coffee Shop, Willoughby, Ohio

"Mobius Ideas: Mobile Innovation Through Social Media & Collaboration" is a series hosted by Cleveland Business Connects Magazine and Contempo Communications, with support from 529 App Solutions.

Join Nick Pietravoia, Senior Designer at Contempo Communications and Cleveland Indians Account Manager, as well as Mike Ficzner, CEO of 529 App Solutions, to discuss mobile and digital marketing innovation. The purpose of these "coffee sessions" is to foster brainstorming and collaboration to generate new ideas and strategies for local businesses to utilize in their own digital and mobile marketing mix. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have given consumers a new platform for accessing digital content. While desktop computing is in decline, mobile web traffic has more than tripled over the past 2 years. In tech-savvy India, Mobile web traffic overtook desktop traffic in May of 2012! Now is the time to be implementing strategies and learning from early adopters who have already got a handle on this new technology.

Nick and Mike will give case studies based on campaigns they've witnessed with current local clients as well as those from mobile market research. The end of the session will allow for a specific Q&A period allowing you to tailor questions to your industry, and receive valuable feedback. We also hope to encourage a collaborative atmosphere where members of the session can bring other innovative ideas to the table that they have been thinking about, or have heard about being done in other industries.

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