Mohsen Motamedian

An experienced biomedical engineer and Internet marketing professional, Mohsen Motamedian currently holds the position of chief executive officer at Total NutriCare, LLC.

About Mohsen Motamedian

A graduate of California State University Long Beach, Mohsen Motamedian joined Total Nutricare, LLC, in 2008. As the company's CEO, he takes charge of all marketing and purchasing decisions related to the company's vast well of vitamins and nutritional supplements. The company deals only in whole foods and holistic supplements that help individuals achieve nutritional balance and, ultimately, better physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Mohsen Motamedian chooses products that, like the rest of Total Nutricare, LLC's inventory, serve as preventative measures against illness. Some supplements are designed for children, while others target adults. The Nutricare for Kids product, for example, contains specially formulated ingredients that combat allergy-based disorders such as rhinitis and allergy-responsive asthma. For individuals who desire a comprehensive outlook on their nutritional state, the company provides blood nutrition screenings. The results of the screening allow individuals to pinpoint the actions they need to take to improve their health.

Outside of his duties at Total Nutricare, Mohsen Motamedian enjoys several extracurricular activities. An outdoorsman, he can be found running, skiing, biking, and traveling. He also follows the California real estate market and owns several properties, which he rents out.

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