Mark Molnar's Geometry project.

The pillars below are parallel to each other. If they are cut by a transversal line, what is the value of x?

Answer: x=45

Problem 2

What is the postulates that is used to prove the two triangles below congruent?

Answer: SSS (Side, side, side)

Problem 3

What is the sum of the interior angles of the highlighted hexagon within the honeycomb below?

Answer: 720 degrees

(interior angle sum theorem)- S=(n-2)180

Problem 4

The red line below divides the 2 vertical angles into 4 congruent angles. The red line is called an _____ ________.

Answer: angle bisector

Problem 5

The distance between home plate and first base is 90 feet. And the distance between home plate and third base is 90 feet as well. What is the distance between first base and third base?

Answer: 127.28 feet

(Pythagorean theorem: a2+b2=c2)

Problem 6

What is the measure of each of the interior angles of the central hexagon in the snowflake below?

Answer: 120 degrees

(interior angle theorem)

Problem 7

The pair of yellow lines is an example of what?

Answer: Parallel lines

Problem 8

The center tower of the suspension bridge is an example of what 2 things?

Answer: Altitude and perpendicular bisector

Problem 9

Which pairs of angles are congruent?

Answer: <1=<3, <2=<4

Problem 10

Name the triangles below:

Answer: 1. Right triangle 2. Obtuse triangle 3. Acute triangle

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