The Cost of Baby

Ms Panagakos, Costs of Raising a Baby in Canada

The Baby Kangaroo

"My baby is a bright one,"
said the mother kangaroo.
"With money in my pocket,
he knows just what to do."

He counts the nickels all by fives.
The dimes he counts by ten.
And if they drop, he quickly
picks them up and counts again.

Each time I give my son a coin
he always hollers, "Thanks!"
And when he's got a lot of them,
He puts them in his bank!

Babies - so cute, so expensive?

What do you think the above poem is about? A baby kangaroo? Money? Math class? Babies are sweet! But they can also be a finacial burden for the unprepared parent. The assignment sheet below will help you calculate the cost of baby. Using the websites, articles, videos and images listed in this tackk, you are to complete the sheet below along with the section of this tackk labeled "Additional Questions."

At the end of this tackk there is an additional activity which will be completed at the very end of this assignment.

When you add up the totals on the work sheet, add the following line on the bottom of the page and complete it:

Total Cost of Raising a Baby _____ x 0.13 (HST TAX) = FINAL COST ______

Additional Questions

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Please write one paragraph for each question.

1. What are some additional items you may want for your baby? Why? (List at least three items.)

2. Find these additional items on the internet. What is the additional costs to raising your baby? (You may use sources not listed on this tackk, but must record the website link.)

Websites approved for use:

Please use the resouces listed below for your assignment. Remember, we're in Canada. We are using Canadian websites, costs and facts. For question "2" you may use whichever websites you require. Record the link for the website.

Now for some FUN! : )

Okay, so calculating taxes and adding up the cost of babies isn't all that fun. But the above website is! Check out my awkward child below:

Photo Credits: Ms Panagakos/ Mr Burlingham

You are to upload your photo and make a baby!

You can pick a celebraity, your real boyfriend or girlfriend, use your best friend, or hey, even a picture of a fox. I don't mind! When you're done, save and print the picture. : )

Assignment Checklist

Did you:

1. Complete the "Cost of Raising a Baby" worksheet?

2. Did you add on the cost of the tax, listed below the worksheet button?

3. Answer the two questions listed under "Additional Questions"?

4. Did you morph your baby in "Make Me Babies" and print it?

5. Are you sure? Like super duper ultra sure you did it all?

6. Are you getting up to hand it in to your teacher now?

Then you're all done!