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Welcome to the webpage of PPP group 251 of Catholic High School! PPP is a subject similar to project work in Junior College and it is a compulsory subject in the Catholic High School Joint Integrated Programme (JIP). So please do help spread the word and get people to visit our page!

Cheers and thanks for visiting!

Page admins: Hon Xue Yi. Lee Yu Heng

Group members: Bryan Sim Hean Jun, Lee Yu Heng, Hon Xue Yi and Justin De Cotta

Do not fret if you have yes to any of the above mentioned in the poster,
We have a solution!

We have created a prototype of playing music during breaks and before morning assembly and of having a song dedication system where you can request songs and dedicate them to a particular person or group.

How its done

First, go to our Facebook page at

Next, click on the events for that month

* Please do take note that each month has their own genre. Do not post song requests or dedications of songs from other genres.

*There are fixed genres to encourage variety and make our target audience 'step out of their comfort zone' in song selection.

*Also, if it is the birthday of a famous artist, songs by him or her would be played on that day.

Next, proceed to type on out your request and/or dedication in the status box

Do remember to leave the artist's name to facilitate the 'DJ'

Viola! If you have followed our steps correctly, all you have to do is to listen up for your song!

Other prototypes considered

These are the official PPP documents for our group where all ideas and behind the scenes work and planning has taken place. If you wish to know more about the group and our aims and other prototypes, feel free to read these by clicking on the link below

Note by the admins

Please take note that this is just a prototype for our PPP and is not yet in effect (but hopefully it will be in the future). Although all this is only relevant to those from Catholic High School, feedback from all on how our prototype can be improved will be greatly appreciated. There is a survey below that we would like you to help us take to gather feedback. For any other concerns regarding our page and/or prototype, feel free to leave a comment below or message the Facebook page or any of the page admins, we will get back to you within the next 24 hours.



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