(Alluding CAT, Deluding CAT!)


Prizes worth INR 20,000!

The event comprises of two rounds. The first round rules are described below. Of all the entries, the top 15 teams will be shortlisted for the second round where again their creativity will be tested in open-ended themes. The submissions for the second round from the top 10 teams will begin from 11th March.

Theme for the first round:

"An engineer who hunts for a CAT"

Create a poster/drawing/article or any other creative piece that describes your journey/experience/anticipation/apprehensions/success/failure while taking the CAT exam. It is also acceptable if you do it for GMAT/GRE/CMAT. The piece can be made using Powerpoint/Photoshop/Corel-Draw/any other tool. Even write-ups (like an article or essay) need to be submitted in JPEG form (so keep the length in perspective). The marks will be awarded on the basis of facebook likes and shares (one like = 1 point, one share = 3 points)

Please find below the rules for the first round:

1. A team can comprise of 1 to 4 members.

2. There can be multiple entries from the same college, and one person can be part of multiple teams.

3. Each team is supposed to submit only one entry.

4. All the entries (poster or article or any other creative) should be in JPEG format. Keep in mind the readability as this JPEG would be posted on MyOrangeSlate's facebook page.

5. The poster should be designed keeping in mind the theme, the relevance of images to it, relevance of text to the theme, humour, creativity, clarity of communication etc.

6. The article should be written keeping in mind the theme, relevance of text to the theme, humour , creativity, clarity of communication etc.

7. Points will be awarded on the basis of maximum FB likes and shares (one like = 1 point, one share = 3 points).

8. The entries should be emailed to, latest by 20th Feb. The team should send their team name, individual names and email IDs of all the members, and the phone number of the team lead along with the email. The subject line should be 'Submission: Round One_Team Name'.

9. The voting (i.e. for Fb Likes and Shares) closes on 10th March (23:59 hours). The results will be announced on 11th March by

10. Plagiarism/use of blue humour or other unacceptable submission (as judged by MyOrangeSlate team) will lead to disqualification. Any disqualification announced by will be final.

For any queries, drop a mail to with the subject line 'Query: facebook event' and we will respond within 24 hours.