NCSA Athletic Recruiting

Founded by Chris Krause in 2000

About NCSA Athletic Recruiting

Chicago-headquartered NCSA Athletic Recruiting focuses on providing college coaches across the country with educational and networking resources. NCSA Athletic Recruiting brings coaches into contact with high school athletes who have demonstrated the commitment and fortitude to excel at the collegiate level. This company combines an extensive range of industry contacts with proprietary multimedia systems that empower student athletes to maximize scouting opportunities.

Distinct from a recruiting firm, NCSA is a sports-focused company that hosts the résumés of over 400,000 students; its database attracts more than 40,000 coaches nationwide. The latter number represents 99 percent of professionals currently coaching college teams. Working with potential recruits on a one-on-one basis, NCSA ensures the athletes are familiar with the recruiting process and that they have opportunities to speak directly to coaches. NCSA Recruiting undertakes in-depth evaluation of the athletes it promotes to ascertain their qualification level and ensure ideal program fit. As a result of this multifaceted approach, students verified by NCSA receive, on average, scholarships totaling nearly $20,000 from the schools they enter.

The founder, Chris Krause, had trouble navigating the complex university recruiting process. A standout varsity football linebacker, he received letters of interest from dozens of colleges during his junior year. Without access to personal interviews and in-person tryouts, he feared he would not obtain scholarship offers. Mr. Krause finally embarked on a personal canvassing mission that impressed the recruiting staff of Vanderbilt University and earned him a full scholarship.

Interested students can contact NCSA Athletic Recruiting at 866-495-5172 to learn more about college-matching approaches that generate real world results.

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