Nicholas Kahrilas

Partner At Logica Capital Management, LLC

About Nicholas Kahrilas

Serial entrepreneur Nicholas Kahrilas has owned a variety of businesses, including home supply retailers and a financial services company. Beginning with the Republic Paint Company, he went on to found Painters Warehouse and served as President of SupplyMan, Paint Port, and the Columbia Paint and Varnish Company. In keeping with his knowledge of the home supply industry, Kahrilas also branched out into construction and served as the President of the National Construction Management Group.

Having distinguished himself with these businesses, Nicholas Kahrilas also became interested in the financial services industry. Promoting his passion for philanthropic causes, Kahrilas shared information about how charitable donations could favorably affect people’s estates. To further this goal, he founded NSK Enterprises, also known as Charitable Ways, in 2004. Through NSK Enterprises, Nick Kahrilas helps high-net-worth individuals donate to charities through gifting insurance policies and also through vehicles known as charitable lead trusts. These allow people to maximize the worth of their estate, not only in terms of what they donate to charities, but in what they are able to leave to their beneficiaries upon their demise. By coming to Nicholas Kahrilas, clients can also find out how to pay lower estate taxes.

In addition, Nick Kahrilas is Chair of the Beverly Hills chapter of YPO-WPO. His personal charitable interests include the Williams Syndrome Association; his alma mater, the University of California, Los Angeles; U.S. Doctors for Africa; and Informed by Nature. Kahrilas graduated from UCLA in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Political Science.

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