Nick Grouf

The marketing company, Spot Runner, Inc., was cofounded by Nick Grouf in 2005.

About Nick Grouf

An Internet pioneer, Nick Grouf has been involved in online technology and privacy since its mainstream debut. A graduate of Harvard and Yale, Mr. Grouf’s first postcollegiate job was as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co. Following this, Mr. Grouf took a year off to pursue his musical career before returning to school for his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School and working in Mergers and Acquisitions at Goldman Sachs. His next endeavor was one of his biggest, the cofounding of Firefly Network and serving as its president and CEO.

Nick Grouf helped establish the very first Internet privacy protocols with the Firefly Network. Eventually Firefly was sold to Microsoft, where Mr. Grouf served as Head of Privacy following the acquisition. What started out as the Firefly Network paved the way for the Microsoft Passport and the .NET Platform.

Nick Grouf was also instrumental in helping to start the Internet Advertising Bureau where he served on its Board, as well as several other important privacy initiatives. He also cofounded PeoplePC, an Internet service provider that, in its earliest form, also sold computers through a monthly payment plan. PeoplePC became one of the top 10 ISPs in the US before being acquired by Earthlink, Inc.

Nick Grouf’s most recent entrepreneurial effort is Spot Runner, Inc., a business dedicated to providing video advertising and related services. The business was founded in 2005 and has received several awards and nominations since. Accolades include an Outstanding Achievement Award in the 2008 Interactive Media Awards, an AO Global 250 award from AlwaysOn in 2008, and the Best Venture Financing in Software and Media from the Los Angeles Venture Association in 2008. In 2007, Fortune magazine, Bulldog Reporter, and Business 2.0 all awarded honors to the company.

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