No Texting While Walking!

Texting while walking is a HUGE safety risk for accidents.

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Almost one in three pedestrians use  their cell phones or text while crossing busy streets, which could increase their  chances of being hit by a car. Distracted walking, like distracted driving, is becoming an increasing problem and pedestrians need to be educated about the danger of doing so. Talking on your cell phone or texting while crossing the street is risky for you and drivers. We need to start exercising judgment about when and where to use our electronic devices.

Specifically, the researchers looked for activities that could be distracting, such as talking on the phone, texting, listening to music, talking with others or coping with children or pets. People distracted by some of these activities took almost a second and a half longer to cross the road. Although listening to music quickened the time it took to cross the road, people were less likely to look both ways before crossing. People dealing with pets or children were almost three times less likely to look both ways. Texting, however, was the most risky behavior. People who were doing it took almost two seconds longer to cross the street than those who weren't. In the United States, accidents involving pedestrians and cars injure more than 60,000 people a year, and kill more than 4,000.

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