It's Game Day !!

Ohio State Football Season Is Here!


Did anyone see the halftime show this week?  In response to Michigan's "Oh No" spelling (picture not worthy enough to include), our buckeyes created "Are You Smarter Than a Wolverine." Through various game shows and shapes created by TBDBITL, the statement was made...

"Are you smarter than a wolverine?" "YES!!"

Wait, whose stadium is that?

As Ohio State wrapped up another annual win against Cal this season, a serious question came to mind. What this a home or away game? Although this beating took place in Berkeley, CA, I couldn't help but notice the large amount of buckeye pride in attendance. How awesome is it to see Ohio State take on the pacific coast? Surfs up!

Another win for the Bucks!

Yes everyone, this is real. Our number four Buckeyes scored a whopping 76 points against FAMU this Saturday. Second string quarterback Kenny G threw for 6 touchdowns and 215 yards. Everyone is wondering whether Urban Meyer will give Kenny G the start next week against Wisconsin, or if Braxton Miller, fresh off of IR, will get the start. Stay tuned!


Add another win to the standings everyone, the Bucks are 5-0. After playing their most challenging game yet, Ohio State sealed the victory with a 31-24 win. After a scary scoreless fourth quarter, the Buckeyes were able to hold on to their lead. Urban Meyer remains undefeated as the Ohio State head football coach.

OSU defeats Northwestern

Add another point to the win column, OSU has beaten Northwestern. The undefeated Buckeyes put up a fight that had everyone on the end of their seat until the very end. However, the Bucks never fail us and always end up with the win in the end!

OSU 34 IOWA 24

After some tough penalties in the first quarter, leaving Ohio State with its star corner back, the Buckeyes were trailing for a while. However, OSU was able to beat the strong Iowa defense and come out with another win at the Horseshoe in Columbus.