Beautiful Photos of
Ohio State Campus

Overview of the Oval looking west

Built in 1910, the Oval can lead you to any direction on campus. It is approximately 11 acres and is always packed with students. It is the main social scene on the campus filled with booths of student organizations or students partaking in leisure activities. In spring 2012, Ohio State made the Oval a wheel free zone to ensure the safety of walkers across campus.

the ohio state union

Front View

Undergoing a massive face-lift in 2010, the Ohio State Union is home to many student organizations on campus. It has three eateries, multiple ball rooms, a movie theater, and more. The new union was an 8 year long process which directly involved the students. When it opened in 2010, it became one of the most known buildings on campus due to its size and beauty.

Thompson Library

Thompson Library is named after Ohio State's fifth President, William Oxley Thompson, whose statue is out front on the Oval. Legend says that students who rub the statue's head during exam week will not fail. In 2007, 108 million dollars of renovations made Thompson what it is today. With 11 eleven floors, it contains any literature for any class except Ohio State's science and engineering collections (they have a separate library).

mirror lake

Mirror Lake is the most known feature on Ohio State's campus. It is on the southwest side of campus and is home to many ducks. This spring water lake has its own creamery where students eat with a nice view. Light up the Lake kicks off the holiday season in the winter. Thousands of students gather to watch the holiday lights get turned on for the first time that school year. Another popular event that the lake is known for is the Mirror Lake Jump. This takes place on the Tuesday before the Michigan vs. Ohio State Football game. Thousands of students jump in and out of the lake at midnight to show their spirit for the big game.

Wexner Medical Center

The Les Wexner Medical Center is a very prestigious part of the university. It is ranked highly among the nations top medical schools. It is a top teaching hospital and home to some of the nations brightest medical students. It includes a cancer center, specialization in robotic surgery, 700 physicians, and many medical breakthroughs.

the horseshoe

The Horseshoe, formally known as Ohio Stadium, is home to Ohio State's football team. In 2013, it was announced that The Shoe will have a capacity of 104,851. Thus, making it the largest stadium in the nation and fifth largest in the world. It's largest recorded attendance was on October 6, 2006 when Ohio State had held its first night game against Nebraska. The stadium had approximately 106,102 occupants.