Omer Malchin

Omer Malchin – Brand Developer with Heritage of Creativity

About Omer Malchin

An entrepreneur and business executive, Omer Malchin founded the brand-development agency Moxie in California in 2001. Since then, he has launched numerous branding initiatives for clients such as Skinnygirl Cocktails, TOA Technologies, Adobe, and more recently for brands and companies such as Grok and Remix Cocktails. In his position as the CEO and creative director at Moxie, Omer Malchin draws on a background of more than two decades in the marketing industry and an artistic proclivity he inherited from his father.

Also like his father, Mr. Malchin national security issues as an intelligence officer with the Israeli Defense Forces. His father, however, spent his entire career in intelligence. Most notably, Mr. Malchin's father personally apprehended Adolf Eichmann in Argentina and later recorded his experience of pursuing one of the men responsible for the Nazi extermination program in a memoir titled Eichmann in My Hands.

Omer Malchin has served on the board for the Northern California Holocaust Center. He continues his charitable efforts through organizations such as his son's foundation One Love Advocates.

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