Optimum Professional Management

Providing a Wealth of Solutions for Community Associations in the Southern California Area

About Optimum Professional Management

Optimum Professional Management is a property management firm that stays fully aware of community needs and expectations in an effort to best serve its clients. To achieve this level of service, the company interacts regularly with each community’s board of directors, and has done so since its establishment in 1996. Through asking questions and developing answers by encouraging open dialogue with board members, Optimum Professional Management has grown to fully understand the dilemmas and challenges a community can face.

Over the years, Optimum has developed an effective and efficient infrastructure while managing an array of property types. The company consults with a number of preferred and trusted vendors, offers emergency after-hours service, and regularly updates residents and board members regarding legal matters and compliance issues.

In addition to providing property management services, the firm also offers escrow services. The company’s Escrow Department assists homeowners and real estate agents involved in property transactions, simplifying the process through a helpful system that facilitates the delivery and collection of data.

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