PD Session 1 - web/tech tools

We'll be exploring some tools which could be used in the computer lab, on IWBs, and with mobile devices.

Let's start by using a few...

1. Socrative

Where it says "room number" type computerlab1 and write your answer to the question. You can give more than one response.

You could also use your smartphone for this by going to m.socrative.com and doing the exercise.

2. Quizlet

Do you know your edtech? Match the tech tool with the correct description...don't be the last to finish!

3. Padlet

What are your favourite websites, programs, tech (or non-tech) tools & hardware that you use in your teaching or prep? Share here on Padlet.


4. Group work - Tackk, Socrative, Quizlet & Padlet

Here's the link for the Google Doc. Register for the tool your group is reviewing, explore, discuss and then add your comments to the Google Doc. Then you'll share your tool with the other groups.

We (hopefully) should have time at this point to check out the other 3 tools.

Now for...

5. Lotsa other web tools...

Now take a look farther down on the Google doc, at the list of other web tools & sources for web tools. Play around, check out different ones, and leave brief comments on the Google doc. If you can suggest any other sites, please share as well.

6. Final comments...

Leave your questions & comments here!