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Trend 12: The shift from "how many" to "who"

Trend 12, the shift from "how many" to "who," addresses the shift from mass advertising intended to catch the attention of as many people as possible to a more targeted, narrow approach. The section mentions Google AdWords, an ideal tool for the shift from quantity focused ads in traditional media to a lower volume but higher value ads online. New marketing enables a much higher degree of efficiency by the selectivity involved now in finding new customers.

Once again, this is relevant to my experience at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. This time, however, this is something the Rock Hall needs to work on. Much of their advertising money is spent on generic attention-grabbing ads, particularly as they try to reach a Cleveland audience. With a shift to AdWords and more online campaigns, the museum would be able to track who is interested, from where they're coming, and whether or not they end up purchasing online tickets.

As the reading mentions, however, this is not the ideal place to interrupt people, a strategy the Rock Hall seems to find important. It offers somewhat of a solution to this, mentioning that "What the New Marketing enables is a process where marketers can activate the interested and turn them into campaigners for your remarkable products." This is something the Rock Hall would be in a superb place to leverage, but hasn't taken full advantage of. They have a "product" that people come from literally all over the world to see, and one that people would likely be willing to promote. The key, as mentioned in the reading, is cajoling them to spread the word for you.

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