Practice, Game, and Team info for Pine-Richland's 7th Grade Boys Basketball

Week 2

Mon  11/28        Practice 8:30am-10:30am

Tue    11/29       Practice 2:45-5:00

Wed   11/30      Practice  2:45-5:00

Thurs  12/1       Practice 2:45-5:00

Fri       12/2       Practice 2:45-5:00

Sat        12/3      Practice 8:30-10:30am

Week 3

Mon  12/5           Practice 2:45-5:00

Tue    12/6          3:30 Home scrimmage vs Seneca Valley

Wed   12/7           Practice 2:45-5:00

Thurs 12/8         Practice 2:45-5:00

Fri 12/9               Practice 2:45-5:00

Sat 12/10            Practice 8:30-10:30

Week 4

Mon 12/12       3:30 Home vs Ambridge

Tue 12/13        Practice 2:45-5:00

Wed 12/14       Practice 2:45-5:00

Thurs 12/15    Home vs Hampton 3:30

Fri 12/16         Seneca Valley Tournament TBD

Sat 12/17        Seneca Valley Tournament TBD

Week 5

Mon 12/19       Practice 2:45-5:00

Tue 12/20        Practice 2:45-5:00

Wed 12/21       Away vs Deer Lakes                                      Dismissal at 2:20pm     

Thurs 12/22    Practice 2:45-5:00

Fri 12/23          off

Sat 12/24         off


Week 6

Mon 12/26            Practice TBD

Tue 12/27             1:40 vs Butler @ Marshall Middle School (NA Tourney)

Wed 12/28          12:30pm or 1:40pm   (depending on Tuesday's result)

Thurs 12/29         off

Fri 12/30              

Sat 12/31              

Team and Player Expectations


As a member of the team, our players are expected to attend practice on a daily basis. The player must remain for the entire practice. A player cannot play in any game if a practice is missed the day before. Players who missed scheduled games will then be required to earn their playing time back at the succeeding practices. Over 40 practices (including Saturday mornings) are planned for the season. To avoid unnecessary distractions, practices are not open to the public. Practices will be scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving and during the latter part of Christmas break. Please pick up players when practices are scheduled to end.


See "button" above.


The team will participate in 2-3 tournaments outside of the regular schedule. The team will be entered into the Seneca Valley Tournament December 16 and 17,   NA Christmas Tournament Dec 27 and 28, also the PR Tournament  February 11-12-13. Based on the times of games and locations, bus transportation is not provided by the district for the tournaments.

Playing Time

Please keep in mind that playing time is based on performance in practice and games. Starting lineups are never set in stone and players should work hard to earn more playing time. There is not an all-play policy at Pine-Richland. Playing time is based on effort, ability, attitude and knowledge of the game shown in practice. Players who are concerned with playing time need to speak directly to Coach Rupert.


As a member of our team, players are expected to be on their best behavior both academically and socially. All players are expected to be standout student-athletes while at Pine-Richland and must conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. With regard to grades, we will follow Pine-Richland School District Policy for athletic eligibility. Players are governed by the Pine-Richland Student Code of Conduct while participating in team activities and traveling to and from games. Students are also subject to individual or team punishment for non-respectful behavior.

Parent Involvement

Parents are expected to be supportive fans of PRMS sports. Parents must be respectful to officials, other fans, players, and coaches during the games. Coach Rupert asks parents not to instruct during a game (your child or others); please leave the coaching to the PRMS coaching staff. Encourage your child to speak with his coach first if there are any questions or concerns (such as playing time) before approaching a coach. After the player has met with Coach Rupert, and if things were not resolved during that meeting, email the coach for an appointment. Please understand that before and after games is not an appropriate time to discuss playing time. Please consider waiting 24 hours after a game before contacting the coach concerning playing time.

Coach Rupert is in his 17th year of coaching boys basketball at the high school, middle school, and youth AAU levels. His first coaching job was in 1996 as the Assistant Varsity/JV Coach of the Massanutten Military Boys Basketball team in Woodstock, VA. The next year he was hired as the Head Assistant Varsity/JV Coach at Pine-Richland H.S. under head coach Dave DeGregorio. Since then, Coach Rupert has coached various middle school teams at Pine-Richland.

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