Pine-Richland Middle School Boys Soccer



         7:00-8:30 pm

Mondays and Thursdays on the dates below

July 20, 23, 27,30 August 6, 10, 13, 20

Location: 500 Castlecreek Dr, Seven Fields, PA 16046



                     Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 24,25,26

     3:00-5:30PM                     Pine Park soccer fields next to the Pine Community Center.


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Tryout Tips!!

1. Get in shape–Soccer is a physically demanding sport, obviously. Running and stretching are vital preparation for an upcoming season. How much you can and are willing to prepare before tryouts is up to you, but you only have three days to make a good impression. Players that come to tryouts in playing condition will have a leg up on those who don’t.

2. Keep your touch sound–Even if you are not in an organized league over the summer, you should spend a significant amount of time with a ball at your feet. You don’t need to go to an actual soccer field to pass with a friend or work on your dribbling. Take the ball in your backyard and dribble around. We’ll be working foot skills quite a bit during the season so players that show up at tryouts with a sound touch will catch my attention right away.

3. Watch any soccer you can! Younger players often don’t see the value in watching how the professional game develops. You can learn a ton from simply observing how accomplished players and coaches approach the game. While the English Premiere League ends in late May, Major League Soccer (MLS) in the U.S. will still be in full swing all summer.  Notice how the game unfolds. Watch how the attack builds from the back. I want all of the players on my team to understand “the beautiful game” as best they can.

Team History


Captains: Evan Dyni, Abhinav Venkatakrishnan                           Record 11-3-1


Captains: Roethlein, Rossmiller, Heilman, Hoffman                    Record: 12-6-1


Captains: D. McDonough, G. Swan, J. Engel                                   Record 10-7


Captains: J. Reuter, M. Sabados                                                         Record: 9-9

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