Group Interview Quick Info

Be Punctual

  • Wednesday January 15th : 6:15-7:15pm & 7:30-8:30pm Enarson 226&230
  • Thursday January 16th : 6:15-7:15pm & 7:30-8:30pm Enarson 230&240

Be Prepared

  • Bring your current resume.
  • Have a short one minute elevator pitch about yourself and PSE.
  • Dress Business Casual.

Use These Helpful Tips

  • Enarson is the old Central Classroom building. The name was changed last semester. Go to the correct building.
  • Think of ways to present your true self to us.
  • Bring any questions about the process, PSE itself, etc.
  • Email for urgent questions/problems.
  • If you are having trouble brainstorming your pitch, figuring out what to wear, or updating your resume, visit Fisher online resources.
  • You will find out your fate with a phone call after the interviews are completed. A phone call means you have moved onto the next round. A date, time and place will be given to during the call for your individual interview. If you do not recieve a call, you have not moved on.