Pam Omer Saddle Fitter

Experienced, Qualified Saddle Fitter

About Pam Omer Saddle Fitter

A full-time saddle fitter, Pam Omer brings more than 25 years of experience to her profession. Inspired by her own horse's struggle with a poorly fit saddle, she studied extensively in England and the United States to acquire the necessary skills to fit saddles well. Pam Omer now holds the prestigious status of Qualified Saddle Fitter from the United Kingdom's Society of Master Saddlers. This designation requires a minimum of five years of full-time experience as well as sponsorship by a member or associate member of the society.

To receive this qualification, she completed a week-long intensive study that consisted of 11 hours of classes per day and culminated in a rigorous examination. She completed a total of eight courses in horsemanship, equine anatomy and physiology, saddle construction, and the horse-rider relationship. She successfully passed each course and has continued to pursue continuing education in saddle fitting, including a recent course in the UK on the relationship between saddle backs and equine locomotion.

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