Wanted: kick-ass video editors

(dead or alive)

We're expanding - and we need you

We are PandaWeddings. We enable people to film their own wedding and turn the amateur footage into a professional video. We’re young but ambitious, and that’s why we need you. We’re expanding our team of video editors.
No high-tech editing required, just high-tech fun. The videos should capture the emotion and adventure of the entire wedding day – from getting ready to the final song of the party.

The deal

What we’ll want from you:
We want videos that feel intimate and personal, with a standard length of 4-8 minutes. You deliver the videos to us digitally, in a format ready-for-DVD burning and in an online sharing format. We also want a short preview or summary of every video, which we can use on online channels for promotional purposes.

What we’ll give you:
For every video, we will hand you the raw footage – roughly 10 hours, shot across three HD camera’s by wedding guests – in a convenient so presumably digital way. You’ll have ten days to turn it into a wonderful wedding video. After approval and delivery, we’ll pay you € 200,- (excluding VAT). Of course, we will always contact you well in advance to check your availability. We’ll also add you to our reward-system, so you can continue helping PandaWeddings and yourself even when you’re busy editing other projects.

We offer our customers several packages, which include longer videos. Therefore, we are also looking for video editors to make 1) videos of 6-10 minutes, choosing from comparabale but more material and 2) bonus videos of 30-40 minutes out of comparable footage, in which you have more space to show speeches and performances etc.
For these jobs, additional compensation will be offered (duh..). Please include an indication of how much you'd be looking for, if you are interested in these.
Please note: should your prices for these additional tasks not be agreeable to us, it is highly unlikely that your overall proposal will be negatively impacted.)


Good. Send us a quick e-mail via hello@pandaweddings.com, telling us about yourself, what you do and why you’re interested in PandaWeddings. Please include links to previous videos you’ve made and tell us your reasons for picking those examples. We welcome your creativity and get back to you in no time. Your location isn't a matter of concern to us.
If we like what we see, we invite you to a trial edit, where we provide you with a short selection of mock material.

We look forward to hearing back from you!


Here's a video featuring pandas on a slide, in case you're interested. We were.

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