Parsifal Corporation

Parsifal Corporation has provided cutting-edge services to relocation professionals domestically and internationally.

Parsifal Corporation is a relocation technology services firm that has received positive reviews and numerous accolades for its household goods auditing and efficiency analysis efforts worldwide.

Relocation industry leader Parsifal Corporation specializes in household goods auditing for corporate sponsored employee moves and is at the forefront of relocation technology. The company was founded by CEO Mark Olsen and offers services and consulting for a variety of clients.Corporate clients seeking assistance in efficient employee relocation use Parsifal Corporation’s Acadia Move Management System and MoveMetric. These products help plan a move by presenting rates, shipment transit times, and carrier service records. The firm also provides companies with auditing services for moves, home sales, and high-value property.

As a result of over thirty years in the industry, Parsifal Corporation is quickly able to develop quality, customized software and web applications for clients based on their relocation needs. It can also be called upon as a consultant for almost all aspects of the household move process. Beyond just auditing household goods carriers, the company offers businesses the opportunity to work together in an integrated process so that one accurate and mutually acceptable invoice is generated for the shared client.

Parsifal Corporation has received accolades as the Military Traffic Management Command Contractor of the Year. They are available to help all government organizations, from the federal government to local municipalities, with their relocation needs.

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Parsifal Expands 2017 Exhibitions with Worldwide ERC

Palm Bay, FL, (June 29, 2017) – Parsifal Corporation, the leading industry Household Goods procurement and audit firm, has added to its annual exhibition program with recent plans to also exhibit at the Worldwide ERC® - Global Workforce Symposium, September 27 – 29 in Chicago, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. With optimistic expectations for about 2,000 attendees, Parsifal will be presenting a full range of new and existing relocation support services and procurement technologies. A large presentation emphasis will be on its newest technology known as MyReloWorks® or MRW™ and the most recent “feature augmentation” to be announced at that time. ERC provided stats for the 2016 conference which included 139 exhibitors, 64 sponsors, with over 1,850 attendees from 49 countries as 20% of attendees were corporate and HR individuals.

Mark Olsen, President and CEO, states that “this (MRW) technology offers a great solution for corporations and their transferees with a capped move, providing an easy and quality option at a competitive price. Then when the move is complete, each bill is reviewed by an audit team to ensure pricing accuracy.” Earlier this month, Parsifal also exhibited at the exciting SHRM2017 conference in New Orleans, presenting the enhanced HST™ or Home Sale Transaction Audit to hundreds of attendees visiting the Parsifal exhibit on the trade show floor. The SHRM2017 attendance was impressive and surpassed a count of 15,000 paid attendees. Parsifal began this year’s trade show program in May at the ISM2017 (Institute for Supply Management) Annual Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Hotel in Orlando.

What to Expect from a Corporate Move

Parsifal Corporation President and CEO, Mark Olsen, explains that Parsifal assists clients to obtain best in class household goods pricing and quality of service. And, “we offer to protect that pricing and quality with expert global auditing.”

In addition to innovative RPT or relocation procurement technologies, the Parsifal team strategy, directed by Mark Olsen, also provides a rounded support program with ancillary services including Relocation Consulting, Billing and Policy Exception Management.

Mr. Olsen continues to explain that “Parsifal offers the most sought after opinion in the relocation industry.” The Parsifal expertise and comprehensive database facilitates a consulting offering that includes: analysis of carrier contracts, home sale contracts, relocation RFPs; analysis of specific traffic patterns and industry trends; Contract negotiations on behalf of clients; and benchmarking of carrier/forwarder service and cost.

Parsifal is the world's leading firm providing relocation services and procurement technology, touching moves in over 120 countries around the globe. Our services and products are in constant worldwide operation with corporations, move managers and carriers or forwarders in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.