Paul Kotos

Longtime Corporate-focused Investment Banker Paul Kotos

About Paul Kotos

Veteran investment banker Paul Kotos emphasizes corporate finance in his role as an affiliate with the broker-dealer Growth Capital Services. Currently based in Jacksonville, Florida, he has experience spanning the breadth of the securities industry. Paul Kotos offers a full range of services to corporate clients including capitalization structuring and business development. His partnership with Growth Capital Services gives him access to value-added technical support features that ensure FINRA compliance. His experience extends to assisting more than six dozen publicly and privately held companies with strategic capital placements.

In addition to his client services, Paul Kotos recruits and mentors financial services professionals and has trained more than 500 financial advisors over the past 30 years. He sits on the Advisory Council of the Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University, a position through which he is able to offer assistance and advice to the school’s student entrepreneurs. Paul Kotos also supports a number of nonprofit educational programs and has served on the boards of several endowments and independent schools.

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