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First off I am coping from my brother in a way. But to be fair for him check his website from the bottom of the page. Now about me. My name is Seth Meyer and I'm a nerd in many ways. I love animals and my favorite (if you already didn't know) is Pegacorns. I have two brothers (just to tell I'm the middle child). I also got 2 fish, a cat, and a dog. Last I have two loving and amazing parents. Now I will be posting more posts mostly every day. Just to say I'm new to the bio world so please don't be harsh on me. Thank you for reading =D

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Now you may be wondering what a Pegacorn is. It is a real life, fantasy creature. It is like a Pegasus but with a magical horn. Nobody ever saw them but one day I will be the first. Also yes that does make me a horse lover. Keep your eyes peeled people (not really actually). Thanks for reading =D

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If I had one job in the world it would probably be a veterinarian. I would like it because then I could help and animals and get paid at the same time. It almost like a dream that pays you also. Thanks for reading =D

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My favorite movie so far is by far Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. First I was a mega pirate fan but then it sort of washed off me and I became a wizard fan. I read to the third book in like 2 weeks and started the movies. Many of them were not like the books but when I got to the 6th one and I thought it was the one that was more like the book to me. Also the movie was also pretty good. WATCH MORE HARRY POTTER!!! Thanks for reading =D

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Pegacorns for EVER!!!

This is called the Pegacorn qrcode! Scan with your phone or podtouch and you get a Pegacorn Digest on the go! =D

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