Philip Coburn

Vice President at Synthes

About Philip Coburn

As the Vice President for the Franchise Strategic Account Management Team at DePuy-Synthes, Philip Coburn fulfills a number of responsibilities, including overseeing sales to military and other governmental organizations. Coburn also aids the medical implants manufacturer by leading product development for geriatric fractures, ensuring streamlined automation, and sustaining relations with group purchasing organizations. Before the recent reorganization of Synthes into DePuy-Synthes, Coburn held the position of Vice President of Customer Management. A member of the Synthes team since 1994, Philip Coburn has amassed several accomplishments over the course of his career there.

After accepting the initial role of Territory Sales Consultant with the Jackson, Mississippi, offices of Synthes, Philip Coburn quickly distinguished himself as a hard worker and talented salesman. In addition to becoming the youngest person at the time to fill his position, he garnered designation as Rookie of the Year in 1994 and 1995. In addition, Coburn achieved a promotion to Field Trainer two years after starting with the company; in this new capacity, he oversaw training efforts for surgeons and other salespeople throughout the South, and he completed advanced corporate-level training to acquire experience with products such as intramedullary nails. By the time he gained an additional promotion to Regional Sales Manager in 2000, Philip Coburn had grown his territory to $3.3 million in sales, up from $475,000.

Philip Coburn continued to impress his superiors at Synthes in subsequent years. He spent less than 12 months as Regional Sales Manager; in that time, he turned around a struggling region and achieved growth of more than 20 percent. Capitalizing on these accomplishments, he earned the title of Vice President of Sales - Central and Southeast Area. As the first person in the company's history to come into the position, he held oversight for millions of dollars in sales and dozens of employees, and he achieved yearly growth in excess of 14 percent on average. After more than eight years in this role, Philip Coburn accepted his present position as Vice President of Customer Management.

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