Philip H. Levy

President and Owner of PHL HP Consulting Group, Inc

About Philip H. Levy

Dr. Philip H. Levy currently serves as president and owner of PHL HP Consulting Group, Inc., which he founded in September 2011. Through the group, he works with business owners and management teams to help them develop more effective and efficient styles of leadership. He offers several areas of specialization, including management training, executive coaching, and conflict resolution. Dr. Philip H. Levy also offers consultation through his work as managing director of C2C, a networking and peer-advisory service tailored to entrepreneurs.

Prior to his current work, Dr. Philip H. Levy served as CEO and president of one of the largest and most renowned health and human service organizations in the country. During his 40 years with the company, he gained experience in management, marketing, and fundraising and was credited with the creation of several programs, including the Business Advisory Council and the International Resource Center. He also grew the company, expanding the revenue stream from one source to more than 100 and increasing fundraising efforts from several thousand annually to $5 million. Dr. Levy attended Brooklyn College as an undergraduate student, earning a B.A. in psychology and philosophy, and then earned a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University.

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