Phillip Island

well it all started off when we were on a drive to Phillip island, it was getting Boring and we were hungry a half way through drive (2 hr drive) so be pulled up at McDonald's so that extended the time tom 1 hr AND 5 minutes

after that  all of us saw a hill that had a bunch of trees in line as a lightning scar so we called it lightning scar hill it was probably 10 minutes till Phillip island BUT it was wrong we were at Phillip island in no time!

the first thing we had to do was find our Holiday house it was very far away in cowes we thought it was a very Funny, strange, and to related to cows!!!!!!

when we got at our house it was BIG , mum and  dad had a small TV to watch in their bedroom and we also had a pool that had 2 sides, one was the spa and a pool on the other. it was like  a spa+pool.we had a bungalow that had a Wii  and a bunk bed in it.

on our second day we went to  Panny's chocolate factory. when we paid the lady gave us tickets, but it was made out of chocolate!!!!!!! we entered the factory, there were coca trees and we saw how chocolate was made.  then went to the beach , me and my brother went swiming.

when our Holiday ended we went to crazy golf and i really had a great time on my Holiday

this  is  the   end  of  my Holiday  bye!

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