PinZoo is a leader in international, prepaid phone cards for cell phones


A prominent online retailer of Instant Prepaid Phone Cards and Instant Prepaid Wireless Refill Minutes, helps online customers place long-distance calls at highly affordable prices. Customers can use the cards to call anywhere in the world without changing their current phone service provider. Throughout the years, PinZoo has earned a reputation for its call quality, customer satisfaction, and innovations within the industry.

PinZoo considers customer statisfaction to be its top priority, as evidenced by its 100 percent Money Back Guarantee. The company also offers a no-obligation free trial period, after which customers can choose to make a purchase or walk away. Customers also benefit from the team of experienced customer service agents at PinZoo, who provide friendly and helpful service every day of the week. offers a wide range of programs, designed to meet the calling needs of any customer. In addition to flat domestic rates for calls placed anywhere in the United States, PinZoo offers low international rates to countries across the world.

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