A High Quality Provider of Wellness Products

About PlanetRx

Internet retailer PlanetRx provides tens of thousands of healthy living products from more than 200 manufacturers. The breadth of its store offering makes it the largest source of premium wellness solutions on the web. Further, PlanetRx commits to competitive pricing by extending discounts as high as 80% off the suggested retail price for some items. The company operates according to a high professional standard of corporate, civic, and social responsibility.

A customer-focused enterprise, PlanetRx performs a great deal of research to identify which manufacturers furnish the best and most reliable merchandise that, in turn, makes customers feel confident in the products they receive from the company. Moreover, PlanetRx maintains this conscientious operation without passing the cost on to the consumer. In fact, it offers the lowest prices possible.

For its corporate clients, PlanetRx gives bulk discounts on orders exceeding $1,000 in value. To ensure ease and safety, PlanetRx makes shopping online a worry-free experience through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

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