Pop-Up MOVchallenge
Tuesday, October 22

Join MOVABLE for a mini MOVchallenge on Tuesday, October 22!

Here at the MOVABLE offices in Ohio, the weather is starting to turn and the forecast is predicting rain and snow... Winter is coming all too soon! We know how tough it can be to keep MOVing during cold weather, so we're challenging you to move with us and not let the rain get in the way of your workout!

THE GOAL: 5 miles

THE TIMEFRAME: Tuesday, October 22, 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM (24 hours)

THE REWARD: Everyone who hits the goal will be entered
in a raffle to win a $10 Whole Foods gift card!

Make sure to sync your MOVband by 12 pm EST on Wednesday, October 23
for your moves and miles to count in the Pop-Up MOVchallenge.

Need to suggestions for how to get 5 miles of movement in 1 day? Check out the MOVABLE blog for tips & tricks to help you increase your daily activity!

Signing up for Pop-Up MOVchallenges is easy, and anyone with a MOVband that connects online can participate (it's free!). All you need to do is join MOVABLE's National MOVchallenge group from your online account by using the invite code NEWYOU.

Don't worry, you can join anytime until the end of the MOVchallenge. If you're already in the group, you don't need to do anything...just keep moving with us!

Need help? Drop us a line!

Thank you for MOVing with us!

Stay tuned for more information on our next Pop-Up MOVchallenge... it's guaranteed to keep you moving!