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About Proactive Environmental Products

Headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, Proactive Environmental Products® manufacturers and distributes a variety of advanced groundwater pump systems. The firm’s range of products includes groundwater pumps, solar groundwater remediation pumps, pump controllers, and customized accessories. Proactive Environmental Products® groundwater pumps are available in durable plastic and top-of-the-line stainless steel.

The groundwater pump's exclusive low-flow sampling capability proves cost effective, as it decreases purge volume, water turbidity, casing removal, and drawdown. Recognizing the superior performance and reliability of these pump systems, the state of Alaska has approved Proactive Environmental Products® 12 volt Stainless Steel groundwater pump into their groundwater field sampling protocol book. Additionally, other governmental and state agencies are also including the use of Proactive's 12 volt submersible, centrifugal 12 volt groundwater pumps for low flow sampling and groundwater purging. This status makes the products available for use on major contaminated groundwater sites, including statewide Superfund sites.

A unique flexibility built into Proactive Environmental Products® groundwater pumps is their capacity to utilize 12-volt batteries or solar power with equal convenience and efficiency. The stainless steel 12-volt groundwater pump has the ability to perform low-flow sampling at 200-foot depths and to fully purge groundwater wells.

Proactive owner Craig Intelisano is committed to defining new industry standards. He has been instrumental in setting up the first laboratory that focuses exclusively on cleaning and decontaminating soil sampling tools, as well as groundwater sampling equipment. He has also leveraged his prominent industry role in establishing the education-focused nonprofit H2O On the GO, Inc. The nonprofit organizes kindergarten to 12th grade classroom visits by environmental consultants who discuss the vital importance of clean water and the effects of contamination. To learn more about Proactive and its full range of products, visit 

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