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About Quintessential Finance Group

Located near Manchester, England, Quintessential Finance Group has earned a positive reputation as one of the leading financial solutions groups in the United Kingdom. Known for its technologically innovative approach to reaching customers, the group utilizes a strong online presence in addition to using effective telesales techniques. Quintessential Finance Group provides its customers with numerous financial products and services, including personal and secured loans, a website dedicated to facilitating online loan searches with cost comparisons, and professional help with debt consolidation.

Quintessential Finance Group features several respected brands and websites designed to create a diverse online strategy for communicating with customers. In addition to employing a professional telemarketing team, the group offers customers access to cutting-edge products and services that reflect the group’s understanding of the difficulties many people encounter when dealing with a traditional lending institution.

Quintessential aims to assist customers in acquiring personal and secured loans that will fit their unique financial needs. By working through established relationships with one of the country’s largest panel of reliable lenders, the group's experienced team is able to search multiple loan offers in order to locate the one that will best meet a customer's optimal goals. Many of the loans offered by the group are designed exclusively for the group’s customers. Quintessential’s team members also provide valuable debt help and consolidation options that allow customers to gain control of their finances.

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