Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 10-17, 2014

What did you do today to make someone smile?

Day 1: February 10

Good friends are like nothing else is this world. So when my good friend emailed me this morning about an upsetting breakup, instead of emailing her back, I called her. I wanted to hear the story from her, and offer my support over the phone (since we're too far to meet face-to-face). Much better than an email, and something small I could do to help her in a stressful time.

Day 2: February 11

It's the little things that make a difference: I smiled extra big at a person who walked by me on the way into work.

During lunch, I watched a video on ways to take back control of your time and be more productive (we all could use help here right?!), recapped it with a quick Tackk, then shared it on Twitter. See it here.

Day 3: February 12

Today I wrote a hand-written note to a friend who got a well-deserved raise. She's worked her butt off and was pretty excited about it so I wanted to make her feel extra special. Thanks to Pasto for the Polaroid notecards Christmas gift this year that helped make this one happen. :)

Day 4: February 13

In honor of Galentine's Day, I sent a few of my favorite gals on Twitter a tweet with a link to a Happy Galentine's Day message. Sharing the love for strong, inspiring, amazing women is something us women don't do enough.

Day 5: February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Today it's easy to spread the love. I chose to spread love with baked goods, a sweet Valentine gift to my love. I made candy heart cheesecake, which you can see here.

Day 6: February 15

Today I donated three HUGE bags of clothes and shoes I've been meaning to donate for a long time.

I also helped an elderly woman in a wheelchair bag produce at the grocery store. She said that she decided to make stuffed cabbage so I thought I could help make her grocery trip a little easier.

Day 7: February 16

Today, my random act of kindness was for my pug. This winter has been pretty harsh and has kept my high-energy pug inside 24/7, so I took her to a small dog play time at a local dog bakery. She played hard, met some new friends and appreciated the time out of the house.

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