Calling all artists...

Visual artists, fashion designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, filmmakers, photographers and performers!

RAW Cleveland wants the BEST of the BEST!

We're searching for the top artists in Cleveland to be part of RAW Cleveland's bi-monthly artist showcases. Next up is the May showcase:

WHEN // THURS. MAY 30, 8 PM-1 AM
WHERE // The Avenue Tap House (18206 Detroit Ave)

May's featured artists include Laura Brooks, Dylan Green, D. Hayes, Anton Zbarzh, metalsculptor, Monica Henkel, Wil Curtis, Kerry Remp, Kelly Zarembski and Allison Piccioni. Want to join the list? Submit your work.

RAW:natural born artists is an independent arts organizations for artists, by artists. Our mission is to provide independent artists with tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire, cultivate and sustain their creativity.