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January 2014

Welcome back!

Hello, RJSC! We hope that you had a wonderful winter break and enjoyed your time off. It's great to have everyone back and ready to have a spectacular new semester! We're happy to welcome Eric Leach to our staff, as well as several new residents to both Read and Johnson. Make sure you say hello, and also attend some of our upcoming programs!

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So far this semester, we've had a variety of events occurring, from floor meetings to floor programs. We've kicked off the year with a crafting program as well participating in the MLK Jr. Silent March. Remember that by attended programs, you can earn more Pandabucks and a better chance of winning this semester's raffle prizes. This month's programs are only just beginning, so check out the list of upcoming events below!

  • 1/22: Eating Healthy on a College Campus (7–8pm)
  • 1/ 24: Duy’s Trip to the Gym (Ping, 7–8pm)
  • 1/25: Hall Council Retreat (Ohio University Inn, 10am-3om)
  • 1/26: 2nd Floor Soccer Game (Ping, 12–1pm)
  • 1/26: Open Hall Tours (7–9pm)
  • 1/27: Crafting with Katie and Cam (Read Rec Room, 9–10pm)
  • 1/28: Throat Swabbing Program (Read Rec Room, 5–7pm)
  • 1/30: Super Smash Bros Tournament (Johnson Lobby, 7–9pm)
  • 1/30: Game Night (Johnson Lobby, 7–8pm)
  • 1/30: Cole’s Ice Skating Program (Bird Arena, 8:30–10:00pm)

Also, Hall Council will be having a retreat on January 25. The last day to sign up is JANUARY 21st. You can sign up below:

Sign up here!

Resident Spotlight

Alanna Paynter

"Hi! My name is Alanna Paynter, and I'm a freshman from Westerville, Ohio. I'm currently undecided, but I plan to declare marine biology (my one true love) as my major. After graduating high school in 2012, I took a gap year to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. I was lucky enough to travel to southern Brasil for around nine months and experience life with three different families. Since coming to OU, I've enrolled in Portuguese classes to continue learning more and mastering the language. I hope to become a Resident Assistant next year and I plan to study abroad before I graduate. Hopefully I will continue to travel and have many adventures after I leave OU!"

New Staff Spotlight

Eric Leach

Hello everyone, my name is Eric Leach, and this is my first semester as an RA in RJSC. I am a sophomore studying molecular biology in the HTC, and I plan on pursuing a career in medicine. I am very interested in literature, athletics, science, and music. My favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell. I am proud to say that I am average at most sports, and I love to compete. In my free time, I enjoy running, reading, writing, long walks on the beach, and laughing.



Faculty in Residence Spotlight


Fight off the wintry blues and activate your mind with this simple workout in your room or lounge space. It is easy and doesn't take a lot of time.

Anne Green-Gilbert, founder of Brain Gym, states that exercise increases
blood flow to the brain. The extra blood flow and extra water switches the
brain "On" improving attention required for learning and performing!

Do the following circuit 3x through to increase your learning potential this semester:
(3x this week)

50 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats (with or without weight)
20 Squat Jumps in place
20 Back Lunges Right Leg (with or without weight)
20 Back Lunges Left Leg (with or without weight)
15 Burpees (Video Demonstration)
20 Pushups
50 Mountain Climbers (Video Demonstration)
50 Crunches
60 Second Plank

Make a plan! Schedule your weekly workouts in your calendar so that it
holds you accountable and sets you up for success.

Have a great semester!

January Birthdays!

  • Jonathan L.
  • Ruby P.
  • Joseph O.
  • Seth A.
  • Jarman S.
  • Mary M.
  • Makenzie O.
  • Olivia M.
  • Emma K.
  • Katie C.
  • Michelle H.

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