Randall Cecola

Chief Executive Officer

About Randall Cecola

Randall “Randy” Cecola is an experienced businessman and top-level executive with extensive experience in taking overleveraged companies and converting them into profitable enterprises. Currently, Randall Cecola serves as Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Packaging Group, a distressed company he acquired at an assignment auction and transformed into a profitable and expanding business.

Randall Cecola graduated from Purdue University in 1983. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management with a minor in Industrial Engineering. Shortly after graduation, Randy Cecola began his career as Vice President of Corporate Development at GE Capital - Skyline Financial Services in Alexandria, Virginia. In this role, he successfully developed a strategy for maximizing the value of single-family homes in distress through a loan modification process. After his six-year tenure with GE Capital, Randy Cecola became Chief Executive Officer of The Choice for Staffing, a staffing company specializing in administrative services. He acquired the company from the founder in a weighted proceeding and went on to provide leadership and strategy in the financial, marketing, and service sectors of the business.

Identifying a need in the marketplace to integrate information technology with staffing and consulting services, Randy Cecola then founded Darwin Technology Group, Inc., in Schaumburg, Illinois. In 2005, Randy Cecola acquired Triumph Packaging Group, based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and became its Chief Executive Officer. In just a few short years, Randy Cecola successfully grew Triumph Packaging into an efficient, innovative, and profitable company, establishing a second location in Thomaston, Georgia, in 2008.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Randall Cecola remains an active member of his local community. As a counselor for Willow Creek Community Church’s Good Sense Ministry, he provides guidance for individuals and families who are in the midst of financial difficulty. Randy Cecola also supports charitable organizations such as Run for Cancer, the Salvation Army, and World Vision.

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