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Are proud to present an all new Multipurpose
Integrated Camera : The Rapier

RP2 - Two pod integrated Pan & Tilt

This design of camera comes from a team of engineers with
over 36 man years of CCTV experience.  Its hardy design integrated into a single
package and using the latest available technologies for camera movement and
camera sensors ensures this camera gives reliable performance.  The design’s low
component count and lack of wearing parts guarantees long lasting performance.

Overall  Specification:

Made in the UK.

Machined from solid aluminium.

Tempered flat glass camera window.

Built to IP68.

Absolutely Zero Backlash.

Dimensions: 464 wide x 273 high x 200 deep.

Weight: 7 Kgms.

Built in Wiper.

Unit Supply: 24v at 1 Amps (240v / 115v power supplies
available) No IR Lamps Included.

Power consumption: 20 Watt for all operations.

Normal operational temperature range -30 to +55C.

Optional internal heaters available.

Telemetry RS485 / RS422 Base line is Pelco P format.

Supports many different Telemetry protocols.

Camera can be upright or inverted mounted.

Alarm inputs (through Power Supply).

Washer pump drive available (through Power Supply).

Video Output: Analogue; Pal, NTSC, Digital; H264 up to

Can support two camera sensors simultaneously, or camera
plus zoomable IR illuminator.

Micro stepped stepper motors with no wearing parts provide
silk smooth movement with hardly any noise.

Continuous rotation in Pan. 320 Degrees in Tilt.

Max slew speed = 180 degrees per second.

Speed range 10,000:1 Giving very exacting movements under
high camera zoom angles.

Preset accuracy = 0.1 degrees.

64 presets available.

Preset Tours.

Sony Camera sensor 460 TVL, (also available with digital HD
and 4K cameras).

Standard Zoom ratios 18:1 to 35:1 (contact us for details).

Other camera makes and models available on request.

Physical size and mounting details

Please Note - The above drawings show the unit with pods suitable for the Sony460 TVL.  Other pod sizes can accommodate a wide range of cameras & lighting solutions.  Single pod solutions are also avaliable

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