The Ray Charles: Long live the Genius of Ray Charles!!!

By: Kirsten Wang

Ray Charles's life

*Ray Charles is amazing in every way. He is very unique in the songs of his. Genius + Soul = Jazz. American singer, songwriter musician, arranger and band leader. He has more than 60 albums.*

       Ray Charles actual name is Ray Charles Robinson, AKA Ray Charles. He was born on Sep. 23/ 1930, in Albany, Georgia, in a poor, black family. His father was a mechanic. His mother was a sharecropper. They moved from Albany, Georgia to St. Augustine, Florida when he was just an infant. Later, his younger brother died by drowning. Soon after his brother's death, at age 5, Charles began losing his sight from an unknown ailment that may have been glaucoma. At age 7, Ray lost his eye sight so his mother sent him to a state-sponsored school for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine Florida. At school, Ray learned to read, write, and arrange music. Ray plays the piano, organ, the sax, clarinet and trumpet. He was interests ranged from gospel to country to blues/ pop. Ray's mother died when he was only 15, and after 2 years later, his father died. When Ray then went to Jacksonville, Florida for high school and earns a living as a musician. When he was at school, Ray learned to repair radios and cars. When Ray was 16, he moved to Seattle. On 1960, cut records with members of Modern Jazz Quartet. On 1953, Ray celebrated his 1st hit single song, "Mess Around". After a few more songs, Ray influenced singers as varied as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Billy Joel, and Nat King Cole. People all over the world, gave Ray a nickname, "The Genius" or "The Father of Soul" because he combined blues, gospel, and jazz. Ray never worked with only 1 style plus he has the ability to cross over pop music too! On 1960, Ray got a first Grammy Award for "Georgia on my mind" followed by another Grammy Award for "Hit the road, Jack". When he releases songs in 1960s and 1970s there were hit-or-miss. After a few songs, Ray started to have struggles with heroin addiction. On 1965, Ray was arrested for possession. The addiction to heroin lasted 17 years. After his jail time, he kicks the habit at a clinic in Los Angeles. Then, he was noticed by the Pepsi-Cola commercial in early 1995 ("You Got the Right One, Baby!") and he started to record "We Are the World". Ray was married twice, 12 children with 9 different women. Ray lived at age 73 before he died. He later died of a lung cancer at June 10/2004 in Beverly Hill, California and the final album, "Genius Loves Company" released 2 months after his death leaving a lasting impression on contemporary music with various admires and contemporaries. After he died, he left behind a long list of hits, Grammy awards and the musicians he influenced are as diverse in genre as the music he wrote, arranged, performed and recorded. So, long live the soul of Ray Charles!.

3 top songs from Ray Charles
with lyrics

All of these songs are pretty cool.  First of all, "Georgia on my mind", well  it let me thought about Taiwan. When he sings this song, it feels like he misses Georgia a lot.  "Hit the road, Jack",  I think it is that "Jack" person should go to other places, not like staying in the same old place all the time. "What'd I say", it feels kind of like a sad song.                                                                                        Well that is all and you can tell me what the songs feel like to you at the Comments section. See you later! Peace.  :)

A list of all of Ray Charles's albums

More than 60 albums!

  • Ray Charles: Live in concert
  • Beyond Patina Jazz Masters: Ray Charles, Vol. 2
  • Beyond Patina Jazz Masters: Ray Charles, Vol. 1
  • Genius & Friends
  • Ray [Original Soundtrack]
  • Genius Loves Company
  • Artist's Choice: Ray Charles
  • Thanks for Bringing Love Around Again
  • What'd I Say
  • Can You Love Me Like That
  • How Did You Feel the Morning After
  • I Love You More Than I Ever Have
  • Really Got a Hold on Me
  • Save Your Lovin' Just for Me
  • I Just Can't Get Enough of You
  • Ensemble
  • New Orleans
  • Mr. Creole
  • Mother
  • Winter wonderland
  • Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer
  • America the Beautiful
  • Santa Claus is coming to town
  • Hit the Road, Jack
  • Mess Around
  • Georgia on my mind
  • We are the World
  • Strong love Affair
  • My World
  • Would You Believe
  • Just Between Us
  • From the Pages of My Mind
  • Spirit of Christmas
  • Friendship
  • Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
  • Wish You Were Here Tonight
  • Brother Ray Is at It Again
  • Ain't It So
  • Love & Peace
  • True To Life
  • Porgy & Bess
  • World of Ray Charles vol.2
  • Renaissance
  • My Kind of Jazz pt. 3
  • Live in Japan
  • Come Live with Me
  • Genius in Concert L.A.
  • Through the Eyes of Love
  • Presents the Raelettes
  • Message from the People
  • Volcanic Action of My Soul
  • My Kind of Jazz
  • Love Country Style
  • I'm All Yours-Baby
  • Doing His Thing
  • Ray Charles Invites You to Listen
  • Man & His Soul
  • Ray's Moods
  • Ray Charles & Betty Carter
  • Crying Time
  • Live in Concert
  • Country & Western Meets Rhythm & Blues
  • Cincinnati Kid
  • Sweet & Sour Tears
  • Have a Smile with Me
  • Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul
  • Spotlight on Ray Charles
  • Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music vol.2
  • Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
  • Hallelujah I Love Her So
  • Soul Meeting
  • Genius Sings the Blues
  • Genius After Hours
  • Do the Twist with Ray Charles
  • Dedicated to You
  • Ray Charles Sextet
  • Ray Charles in Person
  • Genius Hits the Road
  • Genius + Soul = Jazz
  • Genius of Ray Charles
  • Yes, Indeed
  • Ray Charles at Newport
  • Soul Brothers
  • Ray Charles [Atlantic]
  • Great Ray Charles
  • Master of Blues
  • King of Soul

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