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...because their calls REALLY ARE important to you!

Have you wondered why smart businesses are moving from "telco" to VoIP?

  • They got tired of paying Long Distance charges
  • They wanted a phone that can plug in anywhere there's wired internet
  • They wanted "big business" features extended to SM Business.
  • Workers requested to work from home, but still tie in to business systems
  • They needed a way to bridge and "unify" disparet locations
  • They felt telco charges for MOVES, ADDS and CHANGES were excessive
  • They recognized the potential impact of a "work-at-home-moms" work force
  • They needed disaster recovery/business continuity plan built into the system
  • Mobile work force required integration of desk phones with cell phones.
  • Sought competitive advantage of integrating CRM with phone system.
  • Wanted more control to make system changes without vendor involvement
  • Accommodate employee requests for PC "Soft-phones."

All these business needs/desires are routinely met by VoIP services such as 8X8 virtual office service.  The impact on productivity is almost always astonishing!  Client Satisfaction invariably soars.  And pricing is outrageously affordable!

How READY AIM CONNECT can assist you if you are anxious to make the change.

*  While operation of a VoIP telephone is simple and straightforward, sometimes activation and installation can be challenging.  It's good to have a partner!

*  Ready Aim Connect's 12 year relationship with suppliers brings better vendor pricing than clients can achieve on their own.

*  End user training is often key to proposed productivity gains.  Patient, informed user training is a core strength of the Ready Aim Connect leadership team.

*  Accessible local support.  A system issue can result in thousands of users contending for help desk attention.  Local support expands your options!

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