Southside Rebel Bowling

Practice:  Wed 10/24, Tues 10/30, Thur 11/1

Southside Bowling is off to a fantastic start! With 14 boys and 6 girls, the teams practice twice a week. Scores are improving as bowlers learn more about basics in approach and release. Many have raised their average by over 20 pins with the constant practice.

Getting to know new members from 3 different schools has been a focus as well. Building a supportive team environment is an important part of competition.

Bowlers are reminded to let Coach H. know if they will miss practice or be late. If you can't get in touch with Coach H., let another bowler know so we aren't expecting you. As you have noticed, it's difficult to get practice going when you are late.

Forms and physicals due ASAP!

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