Remedios Diaz-Oliver

Executive and Honored Community Leader

About Remedios Diaz-Oliver

A leader in business and in the greater community, Remedios Diaz-Oliver stands out as the president and founder of All American Containers, Inc. Since founding this international company in 1991, she has secured a global client base that includes such leading corporations as Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, and McCormick. To support this large scale of operations, Remedios Diaz-Oliver has established company offices in South America, Central America, Europe, and Australia.

Backed by more than 50 years of experience in international business, Ms. Diaz-Oliver has received appointment to the President of the United States' Advisory Board for Trade Policy and Negotiations. A former member of the Small Business Administration's National Advisory Council, she has earned Businesswoman of the Year awards from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, and several other professional organizations. At the federal level, she has received the U.S. Presidential “E” award for accomplishments in exports.

Active in philanthropic service, as well, Remedios Diaz-Oliver serves as vice-chairman of the American Cancer Society. Honored by the Society with a number of awards, including Dynamic Woman of the Year and Appointed Member of the Board, she has also served as president of the Society's Dade County division. She has also served as a board member to the United Way, the Miami Children's hospital, and the Greater Miami Opera Association, and has held chair and co-chair roles in a number of community outreach projects.

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