Richard Loeffler

Expertise and Experience in Loans and Mortgages

About Richard Loeffler

Richard Loeffler began his career in the mortgage and loan business in the 1980s, working as a loan officer for NVR Financial Services. As his experience and expertise in this area increased, so did his job responsibilities. In the mid-90s, he worked as a customer account manager for Fannie Mae, and by the turn of the millennium, Richard Loeffler held the position of chief operating officer of the Roslyn National Mortgage Company.

After gaining additional knowledge and experience in his role as chief administrative officer for American Home Mortgage, Mr. Loeffler decided start his own business in Windsor, Colorado, where he created RSL Advisory Services. As owner of this private consulting firm, he focusses on distressed mortgage assets, portfolio analysis, strategy proposal preparation, and the associated litigation within these areas. Mr. Loeffler also provides expert testimony for litigation in these fields.

Mr. Loeffler attended Pennsylvania State University, where he graduated in 1980 with a bachelor of science in economics.

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