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Rob Howell is a famous British set and costume designer. He is well know for his work on the london stage and has one many awards for his talents as a set designer, such as the tony award for Best Scenic Design of a musical in Matilda the Musical, 2013. Rob has also been involved in such musicals as The Graduate, Boeing-Boeing and Ghost the Musical.

A scene in the school from 'Matilda the musical'
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Role in Matilda

The Royal Shakespeare Company's Matilda has been awarded many awards, including a record breaking seven Oliver awards since it has opened and has had 5-star reviews. Rob Howell has played a huge role in achieving these awards and he has done an extraordinary job working on the set. His unique design for Matilda The Musical saw the Cambridge theatre, from foyer to stage, transformed into Roald Dahl's world. The cast climb on huge alphabet blocks, perform in scenes on wooden swings and climb over the gates of Miss Trunchbull's school. The unique set shows vibrant colours and a magical, imaginative setting.

Rob's previous work and education

After leaving college, Rob spent 2 and a half years in the Royal Shakespeare Company as a design assistant. He then met Matthew Warchus, who years later, asked him wether he would be interested in working on Matilda the Musical.

Rob over a period of 20 years has worked on many musicals including:

-The fix(1997, scenic designer)

-True West(2000, scenic and costume designer)

-The Graduate(2002, costume and scenic designer)

-Lord of the Rings(2007, scenery and costumes)

-Ghost the Musical(2011, costume and scenic designer)

And Rob's most well known job -Matilda the Musical(2013, set designer)

Rob has worked in productions in London, working for the Royal National Theatre. He has also designed for shows at the Royal Court Theatre as well as for other UK theatres.

Matilda the Musical trailer

A snippet of a key song in Matilda 'When I grow up'

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