The Kansas City Royals

By: Jackson Faulkner

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The Royals

The Kansas City Royals are an amazing baseball club that entertains anyone with eyes.  With a great defense and amazing batters, the Royals had a great season in 2013.

1985 Season

The 1985 Kansas City Royals season ended with the Royals first world championship win over their across state rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. The Royals won the Western Division of the American League for the second consecutive season and its sixth time in ten seasons. The team improved its record to 91-71 on the strength of their amazing pitching led by Cy Young Award winner Brett Saberhagen.

2013 Batting Stats

With amazing stats like these it was easy getting 86 wins in the 2013 regular season for the Royals, and with over 90 stolen bases combined, the Royals are obviously one of the fastest teams in the MLB.   

                                 At bats  Hits  HR  RBI  BA  SB

Salvador Perez      496       145    13    79   .292  0

Eric Hosmer          623       188    17     79  .302   11

Chris Getz                209     46      1        18  .220  16      

Alcides Escobar      607      142    4      52   .234  22

Mike Moustakas       472    110     12     42   .233   2

Alex Gordon               633    168     20     81   .265 11

Lerenzo Cain               399   100       4     46   .251  14

David Lough                315      90      5     33  .286  16

Billy Butler                   582   168    15     82  .289    0

HR: home runs    BA: batting average    SB: stolen bases

2013 Pitching Stats

The Royals have three of the best starting pitchers in all of the MLB. With nasty pitches like fastballs, curve balls, and change ups every batter in the MLB is scared of them.

                                        GP   GS   IP             H   R   ER   BB    SO   W   L                                           James Shields               34    34   228.2   215   82 80   68    196  13   9

Ervin Santana              32     32  211        190   85  76   51     161  9    10

Jeremy Guthrie            33     33   211.2    236  99   95   59    111  15   12

Here are some other Royals pitchers win/loss record.

                                                                                                                 W      L

Bruce Chen                                                                                             9      4

Wade Davis                                                                                             8     11                   

Danny Duffy                                                                                            2     0

Aaron Crow                                                                                               7     5

Luis Mendoza                                                                                           2     6    

GP: games played    GS: games started    IP: innings pitched    H: hits    R:runs

ER: earned runs    BB: walks    So: strike outs    W: wins    L: losses            

Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium is recognized throughout baseball as one of the most beautiful stadiums because of their amazing fountains throughout the stadium. It opened as Kauffman Stadium on April 10, 1973 and hosted the All-Star game that year as well as  hosting in 2012. Before the 2004 season the outfield fences in the gaps and straight away center field were moved back 10 feet to the new distance of 387 and 410 feet, making Kauffman Stadium one of the most spacious parks in Major League Baseball.   

Royals Fan Fest

Each winter you can go to the Kansas City Royals Fan Fest, which is held at Bartle Hall in the Kansas City Convention Center. Here, you can get autographs from manager Ned Yost, pitcher Greg Holland, and many more of your favorite players. There are games for all ages including Royals Blue Crew steal home challenge, Teva batting cages, and  much more! There are also hitting, fielding, and pitching clinics and appearances by Slugger, KC crew, and others. If you have a passion for hitting you are in luck because there is even a home run derby game!

Good luck Royals in 2014, your fans are always behind you.

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